Evelyn Wood Personnel

Recruitment Agency Northern Suburbs

Performance, Not Promises

Evelyn Woods Personnel believes in delivering the best commercial recruitment to the Northern Suburbs.


We work with both parties in a spirit of teamwork to achieve the best possible outcome for all.  Through our collaboration we learn, innovate, lead change and exceed expectations.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

Achieving diversity in the workforce is a major aim for any successful business.  Our goal is to provide the best candidate for our clients needs. We have a range of high quality, talented people no matter their gender, sexuality, race or religion.


We live by the principle that everyone is born with an intrinsic knowledge of what is the “right thing to do” in any given situation and to act on it accordingly.  We make every decision based on this principle.

Recruitment Agency Northern Suburbs


We care about everyone who comes into contact with Evelyn Woods Personnel.  This is fundamental to our approach to every interaction. We show empathy by actively seeking to understand the needs of our candidates and Client Partners.

Our Vision

We at Evelyn Woods Personnel aim to create a comfortable environment for everyone, where temporary or casual employees feel encouraged to be their best self.  We strive to create an atmosphere where learning and development is a given in an inclusive culture which nurtures people of all genders and backgrounds.

Our Clients

To understand our Clients objectives, we firstly require objectives to understand the needs of our own people. We will only send vetted candidates who we feel will fit the need of your company.

Delivery on the demands of our own people gives us the best platform to provide the top talent to our Client Partners.

If you would like more information about recruitment, either by way of hiring an office worker, etc. or if you are seeking employment, please go to our Contact Us page.