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Resume Preparation Tips

The potential employer’s needs

Powerful words or phrases

Always remember that the prospective employer has a short time to whiz through your resume, so they must be able to get a feel for you by scanning through the powerful words or phrases on your resume.

Think of the potential employer’s needs and frame your resume so that you highlight the experience and education that a particular employer would want to see – remember however – “Do Not Lie”.

Your resume should look something like this:

  • Personal details
  • Professional experience
  • Skills
  • Other interests
  • Referees
  • Use reverse chronological order
  • List education and work experience starting with the most recent position first.
  • Wherever possible, explain your experience/achievements in bullet form.

If your work experience spans more than 10 years, do not elaborate on those jobs.  Merely provide a run-down of the company name, dates worked and job title.


Be consistent

Pick a style and stay with it throughout the entire document.  That means keeping the order of information, the spacing and the formatting (such as bold, italics etc.) the same from the beginning to end.


The language you use must be concise and sharp.  For instance always start with an “action verb” which indicates to the prospective employer that you have carried out the job at hand, e.g. co-ordinated a team or generated monthly reports.  Other active verbs you may consider are:

Achieved, assisted, created, developed, edited, eliminated, ensured, generated, taught, planned, solved, supervised, improved and marketed.


If you have interests outside of work, list them in bullet points – Employers have an appreciation for well balanced people who are able to contribute in a variety of ways to the overall work environment.


Two referees’ names should be provided with relevant contact details.  It is useful to remember that your most recent managers are the referees that are most frequently asked for.


Make your resume visually appealing but not overdone. Remember your resume is often what gets you in the front door, so take the time to prepare and proof read for mistakes.

Resume template