Evelyn Wood Personnel

Temporary & Permanent Job Northern Suburbs

Performance, Not Promises

What separates Evelyn Woods Personnel from others in the recruitment industry? That’s easy – it’s people.

Structure and process

We have proven structure and processes developed over many years, which are continually improved and updated.

We strive to have the highest standard of ethics and professionalism within both our office and our Temporary Staff, who are working and proving themselves on our behalf. We have a great respect for the people we deal with (at whatever level or stage in their career), and a collective commitment to be the best and to always deliver for our clients.  Above all, it comes down to the quality and commitment of our team.

Great individuals are just that – great.

That is why Evelyn Woods Personnel makes a great recruiting partner.

Temporary & Permanent Job Northern Suburbs

Administration Roles

Our search capabilities and our experience enable us to find the best people for your business. Do you need superstars in administration and reception roles?

Individually, we have an outstanding calibre of professionals who have and continue to develop, trust and respect from an ever-growing network of great Temporary and Permanent professionals – individuals who value our knowledge, our empathy and our ability to listen to their goals and help them achieve these goals. However, the exceptional aspect we add to this is our unrivalled approach to working as a team.


Success in Recruitment Services to Northern Suburbs

At Evelyn Woods Personnel, we pride ourselves on our ability to successfully conduct administrative interviews for our clients. Our highly active network of contacts at this level enables us to assist you in your search for administration roles.

Our success rate is something we pride ourselves on, to find the best possible staff for their organisations.

We understand that our service and selection plays a crucial role in the development and success of our partners’ businesses and we are passionate about delivering committed results.

If you would like more information about recruitment, either by way of hiring an office worker, etc. or if you are seeking employment, please go to our Contact Us page.